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Hainan Island, at the southern tip of China, was known in ancient times as "The End of the Earth," and was used a as place of exile. Today, as a busy Special Economic Zone, one of Chine's most unspoiled natural regions and the centre of a fast-growing tourist trade, it's better known as the Chinese Riviera. Haikou has been a strategic port of call since time immemorial , and is now once again a major trading centre. Much of the old city remains unchanged. Hainan is one of China's least crowded places and the country's warmest area, with a climate like Hawaii. There are miles of sandy beaches, verdant mountains, agricultural land and even unspoiled wilderness. Despite development, Hainan remains a languid tropical island where the pace of life is relatively slow and easy, and visitors are encouraged to relax.

Airport Information

Name of Airport: Haikou Melian Airport (open on 25 May 1999)
Distance to city: 25km
Transportation between airport and city:
  • Taxi
    • fare: CNY 10-15

Flying hours from Hong Kong on direct flights

Flight Schedules from/to Hong Kong
1 hour


Home entry permit is required for HK Chinese.
Visa is required for foreigners
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Customs Allowance
  • Tobacco: 400 cigarettes
  • Liquor: two 75cl bottles of alcoholic beverages
Customs rules require an accounting of all valuables including watches, jewellery, cameras and currency that you are taking in. A copy of this is surrendered on departure and anything missing may well be treated as imported and duty required accordingly. Therefore make sure you obtain a police report for any goods stolen during your stay.
Recorded video-tapes must be declared and may be viewed by the Authorities on arrival.
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Renminbi (RMB)
Approximately RMB1 = HK$0.9297 = US$0.12(updated 27 Aug 1996)
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Airport Tax
- International: RMB 90
- Domestic: RMB 15

Embassies and Consulates

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Time Zone

GMT: + 8
Difference from Hong Kong: + 0


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  • CNY 10 average fare; CNY 2 per km

Tourist Attractions

Haikou Harbour
This is arguably the best place in all of China to see sailing junks, which have sadly disappeared form most other parts of the country; shipyards here welcome visitors interested in traditional boat-building methods.
This settlement on the south coast is Hainan's second-largest city, but is nonetheless a laid-back location where casual clothes are worn for almost every occasion and life proceeds at an unhurried pace.
Located just 2 km from Sanya city, Dadonghai is a small-but-bustling beach resort with such unexpected amenities as western-style cocktail bars with blues music on the sound system.
This neatly-kept town is a fishing port as well as a resort, so restaurants here have their daily pick of the ocean's freshest bounty, and serve some of the best seafood on the island.
Yalong Bay
This tranquil beach resort is where you'd go to get away from everything, including organized tourist attractions. What you'll find here instead is a stunningly beautiful and remarkably uncrowded beach, a small village - and peace and quiet.
Located on Hainan's east coast, this area has been famous for centuries for its natural mineral springs, water form which is nowadays piped directly into hotel rooms at a regulated temperature. Coffee is also grown in this area, and provides an interesting change of taste in the world's largest tea-consuming country.
Best reached by means of a 40-km bus trip from Sanya, this settlement is the centre of Hainan's largest autonomous areas, home to the Li and Miao ethnic minority peoples, and an excellent place to purchase beautiful handicrafts.
The End of The Earth
Located at the extreme southern tip of Hainan (and the limit of civilization, according to ancient belief), and this small resort features a relatively uncrowded beach with food soft drinks and a few guest accommodations.

Supervisory Office of Tourism Quality of Hainan Province

Tel: (0898) 5358451
Hours: 8:30-11:30 14:00-17:00
Address: Room 606, Provincial Tourism Administration Building,
6 Haifu Road, Haikou, Hainan 570203, China
Fax: (0898) 5353074

Tours and Activities

Tours from Hong Kong

Shopping Guide

Haikou's markets offer interesting carved stones, model junks and woodcarving, along with silk and bamboo ware. Among the most memorable souvenirs of Hainan are weaving, embroidery and carvings done by the island's talented Li, Miao, Hui and Zhuang ethnic minority people.
Hainan Star Shopping Centre - 6 Hai Xiu Lu
Friendship Shopping Centre - Da Tong Lu
Hainan International Commercial Building Duty Free Shop - Da Tong Lu
Long Zhu Xin Cheng Duty Free Shop - Long Kun Lu

Restaurant Guide

The South China sea is a flourishing garden for seafood lovers. Hainan restaurants feature prawns, crab, rock lobster, abalone and shark's fin. Hainan baked chicken is popular world-wide. Many dishes have been flavored by proximity to the spice routes of Southeast Asia, and the result is one of the china's great regional cuisines. Every city on the island claims the best food; the best-known restaurants are in Haikou.
Hyatt Shark's Fin Restaurant (Guangdong Cuisine) - Haifu Lu
Hainan Golden Caost Hotel (Chaozhou Cuisine) - Haikou Renmin Avenue
China Chiuchow Garden Group (Chaozhou Cuisine) - Da tong Lu
Xi Men Food Street (Hainan Cuisine) - Wen Ming Xi Lu


Official Languages: Putunghua
Language of Business and Administration: Putunghua and English


220 volts, 50 cycles

Emergency and Useful Tel. No.

S.O.S. Worldwide Alarm Centres: Please click here
  • Emergencies: 110 (foreigner's section 552729)
  • Fire: 119
  • Ambulance: 120
  • Tel No. Enquiry: 114
24 hours Tourist Hotline: 65130828 (service in Chinese, English, Japanese)
Train information: 65129525
Taxi: 68527084, 68312288, 65138993, 64363452, 68014373

Public Holidays

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