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Argentina - Zambabwe
To see
a spectuacular river of moving ice at Fox Glacier, mightly Victoria Falls, the world's highest sand dunes at Sossusvlei
To experience the magic of the silk road, the Trans Silerian Rail journey, crusing on the Geirangerfjord
For a trip from extra leisure on a Aegean Mediteranean cruise to strenuous trekking the Mera Peak in Nepal
Travelling on coaches, trains, ships, planes, canoes, rafts, canal or pony backs
Living in luxurious hotels, resorts, cruise, cabins, or hostals, yurts (mongolian Ger), camping tents
With a trip price from budget to luxury

What a Variety!
But why should I join a group tour?

the unbeatable price, able to calculate the trip cost in advance
enjoy all arrangements being taken care of
enjoy the company of fellow tour members from all over the world
not only see the sights, also learn the history and culture from the knowledgable tourescorts and guides' commentary 

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