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When customers come to ask for a multi-destinations (which usually involved destinations of 2 to 6 continents) special air fare package using 2 or more airlines, in many cases they just ask for a ROUND-THE-WORLD fare. However, their chosen destination routing is in some cases not really of a ROUND-THE-GLOBE routing, and they cannot use the special ROUND-THE-WORLD fare packages. That doesn't mean there is no special fare package for them. Please check out some of the highlights of the multi-continents routing fares:

Here are a few points for you to consider in selecting the suitable fare package:

  • Airlines Restrictions
    Most special fare packages are confined to services of participating airlines. Make sure the participating airlines of your fare package serve your stopover cities.
  • Routing, Mileage Restrictions
    Many fares require travel in one direction, no backtracking is allowed and journey begins and ends in the same country. Some set limits to the mileage of your journey. Some packages are allow backtracking and some routing subject to a side trip surcharge.
  • Time & Stopovers Restrictions
    Observe requirements on minimum and maximum stay and stopovers and restrictions on transfer points.
  • Advance Purchase & Fixed Flights for the First Sector
    Most fares require advance purchase of tickets 7-21 days before travel and once tickets are issued no change is allowed for the first sector.
  • Penalties & Refunds
    Observe penalty policies on rebooking, rerouting and cancellation of tickets.

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Round-the-World Fares | Triangular Fares | Circle Asia Fares

** All fares quoted are excluding HKD33 for Hong Kong airport security charge and any applicable tax.
** These fare packages are subject to special restrictions and are subject to change without prior notice

Multi Continents Fares | Round-the-World Fares | Triangular Fares | Circle Asia Fares

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