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Culture Travel

WCT in the Travel Industry

Value interconnecting "wushu culture" and "culture travel" draws tourists' interest and expectation in knowledge of places, people, social and culture novelty, entertaining skills or practices attainable through personal participating experience.

Hitting Culture Travel a Martial Arts Trip
Along your trip, to appreciate or learn martial arts, you can also shop till drop and enjoy some good food fine wine. Wushu, together with some traceable history, interesting stories or old sayings passed on from the elders, enriches creatively knowledge and understanding of tourists as a new basic attraction for travel visits to Hong Kong. It begins and happens to be a necessary software backing up culture performance entertainment in the sightseeing tourism industry. With an established service history of over 30 years in the travel service trade, our professional travel service company, Tiglion Travel can arrange to help you, for example, meet some famous martial arts mentors, pay a pilgrimage to Shaolin or WuDang, interact with martial arts professionals, or learn and feel such cultural heritage. Please feel free to inquiry by phone 25987660 or 94979224.

Links up the Tourism Industry with Martial Arts
Culture in many ways is a reflection of lifestyles, customs, specialties or techniques of peoples and civilizations in different parts of the world. China wushu culture, alternatively coming up in the term of intangible cultural heritage, is nonetheless on its way to pose itself to be a thoughtful software in culture export, again through the sightseeing tourism industry. Developing wushu culture is sighted as a means to enhance the attractiveness of Hong Kong. Taking Bruce Lee to be a symbol for the world to recognize Hong Kong, the Kung Fu star in turn contributed to promoting Hong Kong as a tourism spot. Adding to that, movies, television, internet and stage performances, are all serving as media and platforms for martial arts. All these make wushu culture a driving force of tourism industry.

Culture Travel encompasses China Wushu Culture
Both the newly operating Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in East Kowloon together with the forthcoming West Kowloon Cultural District of Hong Kong will make available various theaters and exhibition areas for wushu culture shows as well as exhibition hosting grounds for wushu culture related information materials and precious historic items. A brand new culture travel spotlight emitting from Hong Kong is about to be seen capturing eyeballs from visiting tourists and the world with the integration of martial arts performances targeting visitors from different places and countries. New job opportunities for tour escorts and tour guides are bound to be created with additional return on investment for the show and performance business. On the other hand, wushu culture presents itself to be a core component in the business of culture travel which virtually brings about reinforcement to tourist attractions at Hong Kong on top of good food and ample choices of goods and products in HKSAR.